Personal Shortfilm Project

Personal shortfilm project in concept stage. Looking for a producer!

 Bubblebit & Miau (animated tv-series)

"Bubblebit & Miau is an animated tv-series that tells the story of the comical adventures of a little girl who believes she is a detective who will make the City of Mondai a safer place, while her partner Bubblebit, an alien, who really wants to help but doesn't understand how the world works, throws them into greater trouble"

I'm one of the four co-creators of this project, and currently work as Story Director on the project. I've also made a good deal of the visuals and designs for the project (you can see my drawings on the project around this site) and co-directed the teaser. Currently we are developing a pilot for a full tv-show.

 Under the Fold(2013)
At my third year of the Bachelor Education I worked on the student film "Under the Fold," from preproduction until finished. It was directed by Bo Juhl Nielsen with a team consisting of Sara Mai Olsen, Stine Agerskov Fransen, Thomas Vind Mortensen, Simon Lee Bresling, Rune Rask Langkilde and me. We are very proud of it :-) It has been shown at more than 20 filmfestivals around the world, and won "The Best Animation Film" at Landlocked festival in Iowa, USA and a 2nd Place in the Official Competition at Aarhus Film Festival, Denmark.

My main role on the film was Storyboard Lead and I was on the story team, but I also did previz/DLO work (3d animatic), Animation and a little bit of design. You can see the work I did on the film in this video: